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Dr. Laura's The Proper Care & Feeding of Husbands

A new, six-class online education course from Dr. Laura, designed to provide YOU with the solutions you need to rebuild your marriage.


Sneak Peek at Dr. Laura's Courses

Improper Care of Husbands

Before you can fix a problem, you must admit you have one. But there’s one step in between: identifying precisely what it is you're doing wrong. Well, here are your answers!

White Rabbit Syndrome

You've bought into the feminist myth that you can do it all, and have it all. And you wonder why you're miserable. Find out how to set yourself straight, before it's too late.


You don't hear yourself. But your husband sure does. You've become that wretched woman, the nagging wife. Find out why this is a bigger behavioral issue than you might realize.


One of the most common mistakes women make, when it comes to knowing men, is assuming men don’t have feelings. Well, they do! Find out how to spot and manage your man’s emotions.

Men & Women Communicate Differently

Knowing when and how to communicate with your husband is key. But if you think it's as simple as sitting down for a heart-to-heart, you may be shocked to hear the truth.


Sex is not an option in your marriage. Find out what happens when you deny your husband sex -- as well as what happens when you enthusiastically enjoy it.

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  • All 6 class episodes are now available!
  • Each class episode includes an online companion guide to deepen your relationship

Six Video Classes

Based on Dr. Laura's best-selling book, The Proper Care & Feeding of Husbands, each class focuses on a different aspect of your marriage which only YOU have the responsibility and power to change.

If you want to improve your marriage or save it altogether, this is the class for you. You have the power to repair your marriage by joining Dr. Laura on a journey of self-discovery and self-improvement in her new online course you can take from the comfort of your home.

Flexible Class Schedule

Each lesson is available on demand so you can watch at your own pace and rewatch lessons when you need. All you need is a computer or mobile device to enroll and view each lesson. With unlimited access to the course, you can watch whenever and wherever it's convenient for you. All class episodes are available now!


Online Study Guide

In addition to six video classes from Dr. Laura herself, each class comes with an online companion guide to enhance your experience and keep you focused on improving yourself, and your relationship.

You’ll explore ways to identify and repair breaches in your behavior -- the ones that are wreaking havoc and wrecking a potentially happy household.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you received Dr. Laura's course during the holiday season, you can redeem your Dr. Laura course coupon code by clicking here. Enter the coupon code you received and click “Apply”. Then enter your email address to create your account. Once you create your account you will be able to watch all classes in Dr. Laura’s The Proper Care & Feeding of Husbands as well as view the online companion guide that accompanies each episode. If at any time you have questions or run into any issues, please email us at [email protected].

The Proper Care + Feeding of Husbands online video course is 3 hours of Dr. Laura on camera, organized into 6 lessons and based on her guiding principles on how you can achieve “the perfect marriage”. The video format allows you to watch the lessons again and again, rewind and fast forward to help you master your marriage.  The PCFH online video course includes new letters from listeners that ask Dr. Laura for specific advice and insight as well as success story letters from wives who have followed Dr. Laura’s program and changed their behavior and their marriage for the better. Each lesson includes an online study guide to review, reinforce and share with your spouse.

It's a great idea, and will only strengthen the bond that we hope and expect you will form with him, over the course of the six lessons. As you'll see, men play a significant role in how Dr. Laura presents this curriculum. Having your husband participate in your learning experience is sure to be mutually beneficial.  We would even encourage you to share this with your young-adult sons and daughters.

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Dr. Laura's The Proper Care & Feeding of Husbands

A new, six-class online education course from Dr. Laura, designed to provide YOU with the solutions you need to rebuild your marriage.


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